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The Source…accurately describes Saga Musical Instruments. Founded in 1974, Saga revolutionized the music trades as the first large-scale manufacturer and importer of high-quality banjos, mandolins, and guitars designed to meet the demands of professional players and music aficionados seeking to purchase instruments that represented - in both tone and construction - the quality level of some of the most highly-prized examples of similar instruments ever created. This initial focus of directly appealing to even the most discerning players found in acoustic music helped to firmly establish Saga as an internationally known, and respected company marketing highly successful, quality-made and competitively priced products endorsed by the Bluegrass, Old-Time Traditional and Folk Music markets. Saga is also known for being a pioneer in the development of bowed family instruments designed to meet the demands of the globally vibrant educational orchestral strings community. From primary education to conservatory level, Saga continues to raise the bar of expectation for what superb handcrafted bowed instruments at very accessible prices should represent. To help achieve Saga’s enduring mission of offering the high-quality instruments possible, Saga’s representatives continue to travel the world - often to obscure and remote destinations - in search of proven, skilled manufacturing sources required to meet stringent quality and supply demand requirements. Many members of Saga’s international staff also come from the ranks of various string ensembles and professional bands; helping to provide first-hand experience, and a unique perspective that enables them to contribute to the design specifications and player experience of each instrument Saga offers at any price-point. Saga’s premium-level, professional-grade fretted acoustic instrument lines includes the world renowned Blueridge acoustic guitars, Gitane Gypsy Jazz guitars, legendary Gold Star professional 5-string banjos, “America’s Favorite”…Kentucky A and F-style mandolins, top selling Daimond Head and Mahalo Ukuleles, and Regal resophonic wood and metal-body Duolian and Tricone-style guitars, to name a few. Exceptional brands leading the way for Saga's bowed family instruments includes Cremona, Anton Breton, F. Cervini and J. LaSalle bowed family instruments. Supporting each of Saga’s bowed and fretted instrument brands, as well as a host of OEM customer specific designs, Saga also offers one of the largest selections of high-quality parts and accessories, and cases and bags with wide variety of quality-made products from Superior, Golden Gate, Boulder, and Travelite to name but a few.