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At the heart of traditional music lies two important coordinates, the time and place of origin; objective definitions in the ever evolving aesthetics of folk music. These coordinates are the concepts explored with infinite new possibility by New Zealand born fiddler George Jackson on his debut album, Time and Place. Traveling has been a way of life for Jackson, who was born to musician parents in Christchurch, New Zealand. He spent the better part of his childhood living and touring around in a house bus with his family band. An avid student of American fiddle styles, Jackson eventually made his way to Nashville, TN where he now lives. On Time and Place, he offers a mesmerising collection of original fiddle tunes, which reflect an uncannily deep understanding of American roots traditions, while remaining entirely true to his own musical and personal identity. As global cultures meld, this album offers a fascinating look at what time and place mean to fiddle styles in today’s world.